Explore more water-related resources for kids of all ages with the links below.

The Water Cycle

Mystery Science - How much water is in the world? - video and activity

Project WET Discover Water - The Blue Planet - video and online activity

National Environmental Education Foundation - Water Quality Backyard Activity Guide

Project WET Discover Water - The Water Cycle - video and online activity

NASA - The Sun and the Water Cycle - activity booklet

Clean Water Services - One Water Cycle - interactive water cycle

Blazer Fresh - Water Cycle - video

River Runner Global - Follow a Raindrop - interactive website

Watersheds and Drinking Water

Portland Water Bureau - Build a Watershed Model - video and activity

Clark County - Explore the Clark County Watershed - maps and graphics

The Nature Conservancy - How Nature Makes Clean Water - video

The Nature Conservancy - Where Does Your Water Come From? - video

Project WET Discover Water - Explore Watersheds - video and online activity

Project WET Discover Water - Investigate Freshwater - video and online activity

Water Quality

Oregon State University - The Willamette River Before the Clean Water Act - video

Scholastic Super Science - Mr. Trash Wheel - video and article

Johnson Creek Watershed Council - Water Quality Testing with Johnson Creek Watershed Council - video

The Nature Conservancy - Meet the Scientists: Judy Haner - video

Science Sparks - Homemade Water Filter Experiment - activity

National Geographic - Make a Water Filter - activity

Water Conservation and Water Use

Water Use It Wisely - Kids Page - games, activities, videos, and more

EPA - WaterSense for Kids - activities, games, and teacher resources

Project WET Discover Water - Use Water Wisely - video and online activity

PBS - Water Conservation - lesson plan (grades 6 - 8)

Alliance for Water Efficiency - Outdoor Water Efficiency and Conservation Lesson Plan (grades 3 - 8)


PBS - Groundwater Beneath the Surface - video and teaching materials

KQED QUEST - What is Groundwater? - video

US Geological Survey - What is Groundwater? - article and graphics

Groundwater Foundation - Students and Educators - resources, lesson plans, activities, and games

Portland Water Bureau - Build an aquifer model - video and activity

Columbia Slough - Virtual Aquifer Adventure - interactive website (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)


Clackamas Water Environment Services - Trash It, Don't Flush It - video

Metropolitan Council - Wastewater Treatment for Youngsters - activity book

Hampton Roads Sewer District - Clean Water Curriculum - wastewater teaching unit (grade 4)


Oregon Public Broadcasting - Drained: Urban Stormwater Pollution - video

The Nature Conservancy - Valuing Our Freshwater - video

North Central Texas Council of Governments - Freddy the Fish Teaches about Stormwater - video

Only Rain Down the Drain - Be a Drain Ranger - activities and games

Recycling and Composting

National Environmental Education Foundation - At Home Upcycle Projects - activities

Metro - Waste Management and the Compost Cycle (grades 4 - 7)

Metro - Composting with Worms (grades K - 3)

Additional Online Resources for Teachers

State of Oregon - Tribal History Lesson Plans (grade 4)

The Nature Conservancy - Nature Lab

Learn Forests - Programs and Resources (grades 3 - 5)

National Environmental Education Foundation - Watershed Basics

Groundwater Foundation - Tools for Parents and Educators

US Geological Survey - Teacher Resources (multiple grades and languages)

NOAA - Freshwater Education Resources

Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors - Salmon Stories